Japan 2011

Autumn Festival at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo

Ryoanji rock garden in Kyoto
Senoji Temple in Tokyo
Temple Guardian at Kinkakuji
Geisha in Gion
Golden Pavilion in Kyoto
The crew
Dotonbori River Cruise
Dotonbori lights

Japanese school children on a crowded Osaka subway
Buddhist shrine in Osaka
Tako lantern in Dotonbori
Mmmm sashimi
Fancy-pants Karaoke place we frequented
Takoyaki - octopus dumplings
Neko cats
Purification smoke in front of a Buddhist Temple

Buddha at the Senoji Temple
Roppongi Hills in Tokyo
View of Tokyo from the top of the Mori Tower

Autumn Festival in Kyoto

Arriving on the Shinkansen in Kyoto

Purification vessel at Ryoanji
The inscription read:
 "what one has is all one needs"
Bunraku puppetry in Kyoto

Noh masks

The team in Kyoto